This project was very reliant on teamwork. Amy Wichelow and I had never really done much coding before let alone PHP! This meant that we had to work together a lot to get the work done and to be able to understand what the code did.

We spent a lot of time in the labs, both working on the same computer trying to fix errors. Amy seemed to understand the PHP more than I had done so she took me through the code and helped me understand this. I did research on another elements we could add to the site like the timestamp and trying to let a user delete a post. I had some prior knowledge on HTML and CSS so I did a lot of the styling and in the end ended up designing the whole site.

Amy and I communicated a lot outside of the labs if we were trying to get some code to work. I asked for my group’s opinions of the design.

Amy and I tried to stay organised by creating to-do lists on the elements and parts of the coding we still had to do. I took charge of uploading the project to GitHub and installing the Wiki onto the server.

Overall Amy and I worked well as a team and I feel that if we did not work as well we may have not finished the project to the deadline, as we spent a lot of time together trying to fix the code. We weren’t afraid to ask Kyle if after a while of trying to fix an error we were still stuck which helped us understand PHP and PHPMyAdmin in a lot more depth.


Using GitHub


We only started using GitHub and Git later in the project. I taught myself some of the command line I would need to use it to be able to access my git repository through the terminal.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 21.00.32

This screenshot shows me using command line and Git to upload the latest version of our code

I regret not using GitHub throughout the whole project as once I worked out how to do it seemed like a really easy way to implement version controlling into my workflow. It also saved us making many versions of the project and finding it difficult to work out which was the latest version. I also use GitHub for going back to an old version as for some reason the log in and sign up forms did not appear when I clicked on them so I reverted back to an old version of the code and this seemed to fix the errors I was getting.

This is what our GitHub repository looked like after we had uploaded the final piece of code:

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 16.11.21 Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 16.11.32