Creating a System for My Blog


To make my blog more effective and professional I needed to create a system for my blog to make the content I post more concise. There were some elements I needed to organise:

  • Appropriate theme
  • Image size/template
  • Consistent text layout
  • Tags
  • Categories

I changed the theme to an internal free WordPress theme called “The Writr”. This was more appropriate for my blog as was presented nicely, had a clear banner at the site to navigate the page and had a large enough column for the content I post.

screenshot 1

I also created a template image size on photoshop so each image that I post on my blog is 730 pixels wide.

Blog image default

There are also some elements I need to remember for future posts:

  • Use bullet points
  • Reference image sources
  • keep to set image size
  • Tag posts
  • Categorise posts appropriately
  • Allow click-through for high-resolution image
  • Scan drawing in high quality

If I stick to this system for my blog I hope to get a better quality and more concise blog that will be more professional and something I am proud to show potential future employers.


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