Task 4 – Kinetic Typography



This task was to use Adobe After Effects to create kinetic typography to a small audio extract from an existing media piece. I used a voice extract from the film Finding Nemo. Adding kinetic typography to a product can be an effective way of engaging the audience or telling them information. Many advertisements use kinetic typography as it is an easy way to show people information. Another very common form of kinetic typography are lyric videos. To able to do this task successfully I needed to use tutorials to learn different techniques to animate the text.

Here is an example of kinetic typography being used in a creative way in a lyric video:

This an example of really interesting kinetic typography over a sound clip of Breaking Bad. The use of colour and the 3D effects give this example of kinetic typography:

I already had some previous after effects knowledge but I needed to refresh my memory and add to my existing repertoire of effects that I can create of Adobe After Effects. This tutorial taught me how I use null objects to create a camera over the text which technique  I used heavily in my product.

I found this tutorial which taught me a quick way to animate the text by making it into a 3D object to key frame the X axis to manually animate a swinging effect.


CaptureScreen Shot 2014-11-06 at 22.23.22


Making kinetic typography like this enhances the audio. By using basic effects such as adjusting the opacity, changing the movement of the text and changing the speed of animation could affect the way that an audience perceives the text and audio. I created my kinetic typography based on the tone and pace of the voices. For example when Dory says “it’s so pretty”, I put an effect on the word pretty to emphasise the adjective in the phrase also as the word ‘pretty’ was said slowly so the effect I put on the word links to the way the word has been said. I learnt many things from this task. Firstly using null object and parenting them to layers is a quick and easy way to create a camera on after effects and looks effective if used properly. Motion blur was something new that I learnt about. Adding motion blur to the moving text made them look smooth and the general animation look higher quality. However it did slow the render times down and slowed my computer down as it was using more of my laptop’s CPU. Watching online tutorials really gave me and idea of what I can accomplish with simple tools on after effects and this task showed me how powerful the software is and I can use it to create great animation.


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