Task 3 – Animation


History of Animation

I went ahead and made a resume of all the different animation related events that have happened these past years. I put them all on a timeline that clearly shows when they happened and what they were about. Click link below to find more about this:

Animation Basics

On our workshop we were told to make a walking animation using a sprite of a walking sequence on photoshop. We did this by converting the sequence into different layers. We then proceeded to bind each layer to different frames on a timeline and then exported the timeline as a gif.

walking-animationScreen Shot 2014-11-09 at 21.10.41

Here you can see how I bound each layer to the different frames on the timeline in order to achieve the illusion of movement.

This is the walking sequence I used to make the walking animation cycle, It can be found here:


Here’s my 12 frame praxinoscope sequence hand-drawn and taken into Photoshop to be cropped and repositioned into a timeline to ultimately be exported as a gif through the save for web and devices feature:


1) Simple Animated Sequence

I also experimented with a jumping sequence of a leopard using the same principles I learned from the animation workshop.


2) Experimental Animated Sequence


This is also another experiment I did using my DSLR and some drawings. I took pictures of different drawings and put them all together in Photoshop to export as a gifs.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 02.44.53

Here you can see my work in progress and the method I used to create my animation.

This GIF was made by myself hand-drawing an image bit-by-bit and then taking a photo of the drawing using a camera on a tripod. I then inserted the sequence of images onto Photoshop and created a GIF. I took 90 photos and set it to 15 fps which means the animation would last for 6 seconds. This animation stays with the theme of cycle as it is the cycle of growth and life, which shows the ‘life-cycle’ of a tree. Other ways I could have made this animated would be the film a flip book, take a sequence of images of clay (claymation), cel-animation or film-scratching animation.


Animation Toon Boom. 2014. . [ONLINE] Available at:http://files.animaciontoonboom.webnode.com.co/200000007-c8bdfc9b78/walk-cycle.gif. [Accessed 10 November 2014].


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