Induction Task


This project was to produce a photo-narrative including my seminar group in a range of locations around Bournemouth and Poole. We needed to get out seminar group to stand in front of at least 5 selected locations and gaining points for the level of difficulty of the location.

My seminar group (A) decided to meet outside the entrance to Poole House (one of the locations) on Wednesday 24th of September. 5 people turned up ready for us to take pictures in the different locations.

As only a small amount of people turned up for the photos we decided to come up with a narrative that worked with a small amount of people. We decided to take “selfies” of us in the different locations and turn the photos into a travel collage (like a scrapbook). This worked for the small amount of people that we had in the group.

We successfully went to

  • Poole House Reception
  • Talbot House Student Centre
  • Railway Station
  • Balloon in Lower Gardens
  • Surf Reef with view of the Bournemouth Pier

I then put these photos onto a Prezi to be able to present them in my next seminar.



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